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Frequently Asked Questions

Training Programs in Utah

Can I become certified without taking a training program?

If you are a nursing student who has completed the course Fundamentals of Nursing within the past 2 years, you are eligible to apply to take the state CNA knowledge and skill tests. You will need to fill out and submit our Nursing Student Waiver Application along with an official, sealed copy of your transcript and the required processing fee to UNAR. Nursing students are given 1 year and 3 attempts to pass both the knowledge and skills portions of the exam. If you are unable to pass either test, you will need to complete a UNAR approved NATCE program.

If you have an active certificate in another state, you can become certified in Utah through our reciprocity process.


Click here for our Nursing Student Waiver Application

Click here for our Reciprocity Application

Can I get reimbursed by my facility?

Some, but not all facilities, are required to provide reimbursement for training and testing. Those that are required are facilities that are Medicare and/or Medicaid certified by the Health Facility Licensing & Certification division of the Utah Department of Health

How much does training cost?

Each training program sets their own cost. Contact the program that you are interested in for more information. Some programs are able to offer financial assistance or scholarships.

What is the 120-day rule?

Facilities that are required by OBRA mandates to have CNA’s on staff may hire an employee who has never been certified to work as a nursing assistant for up to 120 days. If the employee does not become certified within those 120 days, they can no longer work as a nursing assistant. If they continue to work past the 120 days, the facility may face penalties from the Utah Department of Health Facility Licensing & Certification. If your certification has expired or if you have ever held a Utah CNA certificate, this 120-day rule does not apply to you.

Where do I find a CNA training program?
Who pays for training?

The student is responsible for payment of all training and testing fees unless they are employed by or have received an offer of employment from the facility that is providing the training program. If so, you cannot be charged for any portion of the program. This includes textbooks or other required course materials.

The Utah Nursing Assistant Registry

Can I work in Utah with no Certificate?

You must be certified in Utah to work as a CNA. You cannot work as a CNA in Utah with an out of state CNA certificate. If you are currently a CNA in another state, you may submit a Reciprocity Application to become certified in Utah. You must be current and active in your home state for the Reciprocity Application to be approved.


Click here for our Reciprocity Application

How do I contact UNAR?

Utah Nursing Assistant Registry                                 

450 Simmons Way #700                                              

Kaysville, UT  84037

unar@davistech.edu  |  utahcna.com 

What are the job possibilities?

CNA’s are in very high demand and work in many settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, home care companies and others.

What is a CNA?

CNA is an acronym for certified nursing assistant. A CNA in the State of Utah is certified through the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry and works under the direction of a licensed nurse assisting patients with activities of daily living and performing basic nursing skills. If you have not become certified or have allowed your certification to lapse, you may not work as a CNA or identify yourself as a CNA. If your certificate is expired and you continue to work, your facility may face penalties from the Utah Department of Health Facility Licensing & Certification.

What is The Utah Nursing Assistant Registry?

The Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR) is a list of names of all currently certified nursing assistants in Utah.


What is TMU?

TMU is the software program that is used to provide certification testing and maintain registry records. Upon completion of a training program or by means of reciprocity, each individual is assigned their own personal portal in TMU along with a username and password. You will have access to this portal throughout your CNA career, using it to keep your contact information up to date and accessing certification renewal documents.